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The Many Types of Artist's Easels

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The Many Types of Artist's Easels

Artists have a variety of different types of easels at their disposal. The best design depends on the type and location of the work as well as the personal preference of the artist. Available in many variations, and made of both wooden and metal materials, there is sure to be a model that will please every need.

A-Frame easels are designed with a tripod base, forming a triangle that can be placed comfortably even in tight spaces. These easy-to-store easels typically hold canvases ranging from 38 inches to 75 inches.

H-Frame models are sturdier and allow artists to work with larger canvases, up to about 96 inches. Featuring two rear legs and a supportive horizontal crossbar, these rectangular easels take up more room than A-frame and are better suited for studio use.

For artists who need to save space, single mast easels are a good solution. A single post in the front is supported by a thinner leg in the back, making for a simple design that can be folded for storage when not in use.

Tabletop easels are meant for artists who create smaller works or are more comfortable sitting down while painting and drawing. Their compact size makes them perfect for working on the go or for beginners who aren't yet ready for larger, more professional easel designs.

Convertible easels can be used upright like a traditional easel or folded down into a "table." The construction is similar to an H-frame and therefore offers a sturdy base for oil painting, pastels, watercolor and more.

Once an artist has finished his or her work, it's nice to have a display easel to show off the results. These models are much simpler than those used for work and come in a variety of styles to complement paintings of all sizes. From simple wooden tripods to elegant decorative metal models meant for galleries, these easels are both beautiful and versatile.

These are just a few of the models that one can browse when looking for an artist's painting/art display easel for use in the studio, in the field, or anywhere that inspiration strikes.