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Porta-Trace LED Light Tables Take Work to a Whole New Level

| Cutting-Mats Admin

Porta-Trace LED Light Tables Take Work to a Whole New Level

Using the right equipment allows workers to perform their job at a high level of efficiency. People who need to concentrate on minute details need a light table to help them accomplish their goals. A light table illuminates pages from beneath, making them semi-transparent allowing graphic artist, designers, stencilers, calligraphers, architects, and photographers a place to work. Photographers use a light table to inspect slides and create art work. The transparency brings the photos to life and allows the artist to visualize the finished product. Drafters, architects, and engineers benefit from using a light table because it allows them to trace an exact image. A light table is a necessary piece of equipment that allows people to see intricate lines and images clearly.

Porta-Trace LED Light Tables have been designed to aid anyone needing a hard-working table that is sturdy and attractive. This strong well-built table offers a tilt-angle adjustment that ranges from 0 to 40 degrees. The Porta-Trace table is quick and easy to adjust giving the person the perfect angle to work with each and every time. It has an acrylic Plexiglas work area with powerful 5000k daylight lamps. The light table is available in two convenient sizes depending on the required work area. The smaller table top measures 30 x 42 inches and the larger table top measurements are 42 x 54 inches. Its overall height is a comfortable 37 inches, which provides plenty of room for optimal standing or chair placement. Plus, they are quality-made in the USA.

The no flicker instant illumination is easy on the eyes and is the perfect way to kick start any project. The table looks nice in any office setting with its solid oak framing and powder coated steel construction. There are many people who can benefit from a light table including crafters, artists, engineers, surveyors, and students. This table is a very high end piece of furniture that functions on a professional level. Detail-oriented people know that using the right light box helps them to accomplish their work in an effective manner. This top of the line LED light table takes any project to the next level with its versatility and functional design.