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Tracing Paper Rolls and Pads

We are your headquarters for tracing paper: lightweight, medium, heavy duty, translucent, sheets, rolls, pads. Tracing paper is a lucent white paper that's slightly thicker than tissue paper. Can be used to trace anything from the paper or to transfer images; however, it is mainly used to transfer an image to another surface. There are different types of tracing papers: smooth is ideal for the studio, while wax-free is used for sewing and needle point; graphite and carbon used to transfer images. Tracing paper is necessary tool for artists and professionals mainly who want to experiment with composition of the work or for copying images to other materials.

Seth Cole, Canson, and Bienfang parchment tracing papers. Alva-Line and Alvin lightweight tracing paper rolls. Choose from sheets or rolls. Available in various weights; clear, yellow, or white. Great for detail work, tracing, layout, or rough sketching. Quality, economical Bienfang, Seth Cole, Strathmore and Alvin tracing paper. We have tracing papers available in different thickness, weights, and sizes depending on your needs.