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Alvin Translucent Self-Healing Cutting Mat

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Alvin Translucent Self-Healing Cutting Mat

What makes a ideal cutting mat? Well, of course, it depends a great deal on the purpose for which the mat is being used. It certainly seems that the Alvin professional translucent self-healing cutting mat has it all!

This large "rotary" cutting mat as she called it, introduced to me by a dear friend and fellow quilter, is wonderful for virtually every cutting project. She has is the large 36" x 48" size. It is thick and durable, not to mention self-healing. This makes it the ideal mat for use with rotary cutters, utility knives, and other sharp cutting tools. Its resilient surface can absorb use after use.

Another feature that makes the translucent self-healing cutting mat an ideal addition to any craft room is the grid pattern. This is perfect for projects that require precision, such as the beautiful quilts that my friend makes. Perhaps this mat is her secret tool? Say that you don't need the measurements for a particular project? Simply flip the mat over for a plain cutting surface.

Why is this mat so much better than others? I accompanied my friend into her work room to take a closer look. She pointed out how much thicker this mat is than the one that I had been using, yet was easily able to demonstrate its portability. Emily, my friend, removed the mat from a hook on her wall and proceeded to cut strips for a quilt with precision and ease that I would have never imagined. Armed with a rotary cutter and a vision, she was soon on her way to another fabulous creation. Emily showed me how simple it was to line up the fabric with the marks on the mat in order to cut the fabric to just the right size. I was convinced! When she let me try my hand at it, I noticed that there was none of the usual shifting I had experienced with the mat I have used at home. To top it off, Emily grabbed a wet wipe and gave the mat a quick swipe before hanging it back up. I was amazed at how simple it was to use and can hardly wait to get one!