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Vis-i-Rack Rolled Document Storage Rack

| Cutting-Mats Admin

Vis-i-Rack Rolled Document Storage Rack

The Vis-i-Rack is the ultimate in taking advantage of vertical space. It can organize more than blueprints too. It also holds all sorts of other large documents, such as posters. The makeup is heavy steel as well as welded posts. Altogether it can hold up to 960 pounds of material. Some businesses opt to have only one rack in their office, while others like to have many and to organize them in the corner of the room all next to each other.

There are some blueprint storage racks that hide the blueprints or documents behind doors, but with this model, the documents are easily accessed, because they sit snugly in their fixture right out in the open. Even though they are out in the open, they are just as safe as they would be in a cabinet or behind closed doors. Many professionals enjoy the easy access of this rack, and they like that they can see their past work in front of them while they work on current projects as well.

The Vis-i-Rack rolled document storage rack is also a great gift. Because it is an investment, it can be great for a graduating architect or engineer. Sometimes there are discounts available online or in brick and mortar stores for recently graduated engineers as well. Although these types of racks can be found in many places, the best deals can be found online.