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What Are Some Uses of Self-Healing Cutting Mats?

| Cutting-Mats Admin

What Are Some Uses of Self-Healing Cutting Mats?

A self-healing cutting mat is an invaluable tool for many sewers, quilters, printers, sign makers, crafters, and even bakers. Most of the best-selling cutting mats are crafted from composite PVC vinyl layered material and can be used with both rotary cutters and straight knife blades. Some high-quality mats are made from solid polyethylene plastic.

Self-healing cutting mats come in a wide range of sizes and can be readily found in sizes up to 16 feet in length. Some companies offer custom sizes to accommodate even larger projects or to fit specific tables or other work surfaces. Smaller mats work well in tight workspaces and accommodate small projects, or those that require the cutting of fabric or other materials into small, precise pieces.

A quality cutting mat is essential for many types of projects. Cutting pieces for quilting is one of the most common uses of a cutting mat. Many quilters find that use of a rotary cutter on a mat provides a more precise and efficient means of cutting geometric shapes, or long strips of fabric than does use of scissors.

Many bakers also find cutting mats helpful for guidance in cutting dough into even amounts or precisely sized strips. As the use of fondant for cake decorating grows increasingly popular, cake decorators have found cutting mats helpful as well. Small cutting mats work well for those studying or perfecting the art of lettering (calligraphy). By slipping a mat under the paper, calligraphers can use the grid marks to help them keep an even hand. Those who enjoy paper crafts and rubber stamping can also benefit from the use of a cutting mat. In fact, many printing supply and craft stores sell them. Grid markers help crafters cut cardstock and other paper goods into exact sizes for various projects, and cutting mats help to minimize the dulling of a blade used for cutting straight lines.

Other professional uses for self healing mats are found in sign shops, printing, museums, costume-makers, fashion designers, aerospace contractors, industrial fabricators, and many more. The best selection of self-healing cutting mats can be found online.