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What is a Safety Ruler?

| Cutting-Mats Admin

What is a Safety Ruler?

What is a safety ruler? There are many tasks that demand precise, straight lines or cuts. They range from minor household repairs to important business projects. Common examples include cutting fabric, paper, laying out lines, drawing shapes, building a shed or trimming a cardboard box. When you engage in any of these tasks, it's vital to prioritize safety and accuracy. A safety ruler or cutting straightedge is an ideal tool for the studio, home, shop, school, or office.

This heavy-duty cutting tool is both longer and wider than the average ruler or straightedge. Thanks to its non-slip, no-skid backing material and width of 3+ inches, it stays in place and ensures accurate cuts. Safety cutting rulers have safety guards that protect your fingers and hands from slipping knife cuts. The lack of slippage will also prevent you from cutting your hand when you slice a piece of paperboard, cloth, or rubber. This design makes the straightedge easy to hold as well.

Safety rulers are also built to last from durable, light-weight aluminum. There are several finishes available: natural aluminum, powder-coated red or yellow. The various cutting edges available: aluminum, nickel steel will not be damaged by sharp cutting tools such as rotary cutters or utility knives. Despite its large size, the ruler remains relatively light because the body is made of aluminum. You can easily carry it with you when you need to conduct several different tasks throughout a large building project.

Although it's best for cutting things and drawing straight lines, safety rulers are also handy for measuring things. They prove useful for various home maintenance, shipping and decorating tasks. The bright, durable finish and relatively large numbers make it easy to read. There is usually a graduation line every quarter-inch. Some safety rulers have measurements down the 1/16th inches.

Basically, these large, dependable cutting straightedges can help you complete many different tasks more safely and efficiently. It will enable you to avoid painful hand and finger injuries and prevent you from wasting materials with inaccurate cuts. You can protect yourself, work surfaces, and make blades last longer by using the ruler in combination with a high-quality self-healing cutting mat.