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What is a Self-Healing Cutting Mat?

| Cutting-Mats Admin

What is a Self-Healing Cutting Mat?

We are often asked the question: what is a self-healing cutting mat? Many customers know they want one, because they have heard the term used by friends, read online articles, etc., yet many are not sure what it is.

Cutting jobs that require a (utility, rotary, hobby/craft) knife to cut through material (such as paper or fabric), will damage the work surface that is under the material; whether it is a table top, work bench, or desk. In addition, when the knife cuts through the material, the blade is dulled on the work surface. Self-healing cutting mats are used to prevent damage to the work surface and to help knife blades last longer and stay sharper.

Healing mats cover the work surface and most are made from some type of plastic which is easy on blades. When the knife blade cuts through the material, the thin layer of vinyl attached to the mat's core closes on its own when the knife is removed, therefore the term: "self-healing." Knife marks are virtually non-detectable and prevent knife skipping on future cuts. However, cutting mats do not last forever! Look for an upcoming article that discusses what effects determine the life of a cutting mat.